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How to Choose Effective Prescription Eyeglasses

Nowadays, wearing eyeglasses has become a new trend in the market. Mainly, spectacles are used to enhance the vision improvement of eye-sights. But with the introduction of stylish and innovative spectacles, individuals without any vision problem also prefer to wear trendy eyeglasses.
Though there are some stores offering spectacles and frames, the customers of today's era prefer to buy eyeglasses online. In the online stores, you will find a wide range of spectacles and lenses. You can choose an appropriate lens as per your budget and looks.
Complete details and reviews regarding the frames and lenses are provided in the online stores. Thus, it won't be difficult to choose the best eyeglasses. Still, there are certain things, which you need to consider while buying spectacles or frame from the online stores. Below, here some important considerations have been discussed.
Things to Consider While Buying Prescription Eyeglasses
Type of Lens
To determine the type of lens, you need a prior consultation with an eye doctor. First, the doctor will check your eyes and will offer you measurements for your spectacles. Depending on the specifications prescribed by the doctor, you need to choose an appropriate lens.
Some popular types of lens available in the online stores include Trivex lenses, Reading glasses, Polycarbonate lenses, Photochromic lenses, Bifocal and trifocal lenses, High-Definition lenses, Aspheric lenses, High -Index lenses and many more.
Frame Material
It is very important to check the spectacles frames before buying it. If you are choosing frames, only by color patterns, then you might not get the best. You also need to consider the other characteristics like Hypo-allergenic, light-weight, strong, flexible, and corrosion resistant. An experienced eye doctor will guide in determining the above characteristics.
In the online stores, you will find frames made of Cellulose acetate, Cellulose propionate, Nylon, Monel, Titanium, beryllium, stainless steel, Flexon, Aluminum, buffalo horn, wood, gold & silver linings. Depending on the quality of spectacles frames, the price of designer eyeglasses varies. So, first, you need to prepare a budget.
When you are investing on the spectacles, make sure that the investment is worth. If the prescription eyeglasses will not last more than one year, then there is no good in buying those spectacles. So, it is your responsibility to inquire about the durability of the glasses.
The experts recommend choosing spectacles with metallic frames to ensure good durability. The metallic frames offer good corrosion resistance with necessary strength and flexibility. Mainly, spectacles with Flexon, stainless steel, and Titanium offer good durability.
If proper comfort is not ensured, then there is no value in buying those trendy eyeglasses. Yes, it's true that looks and designs of eyeglasses matter, but there shouldn't be any compromise with the comfort.
Look, a spectacle with no good comfort will never enhance your vision; rather it may degrade your vision with time. In case, you are planning to buy eyeglasses online, then first consult with your eye doctor regarding the size and shape of spectacle preferred for you.
Lens Coatings
It doesn't matter which type of lens you are buying, the coating on the lens needs to be appropriate. Lens coatings can enhance the appearance, performance, durability of the spectacles. The best eyeglasses are coated with necessary coatings like Anti-Reflective coating, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Fog coating, and Ultra-violet treatment coating.
If these four coatings are available on your spectacle, you can improve your vision. The Anti-Reflective coating will reduce the reflection of glares from different objects like concrete pavements and water. The Scratch Resistant coating will reduce the chances of scratch on the spectacles. Anti-Fog coating will minimise the accumulation of fog on the lens of spectacle. And the UV coating will restrict the passage of UV rays towards the eye-sight.
There is nothing more sensitive than eyes. If you are having vision problems and you are using cheap quality eyeglasses, then there are high chances, it may ruin your vision to worst. The cheap spectacles don't have any good features and also doesn't offer any comfort.
Thus, it is highly recommended to choose spectacles from a good brand. The eye doctors have a good idea regarding the reputed brands; you can simply consult with them. Again, on the online stores, you will find necessary reviews regarding the spectacle brands.
By considering the above factors, it will be easy for you to buy a good eyeglass. So, take your own time and make no hurry while choosing designer eyeglasses.

Importance of Periodic Eye Examinations

Despite your age or physical wellbeing, a yearly examination of eye will helps to identify any issues at the early stage and take treatment for the same. Periodic eye exam checks for common diseases, assessment about how your eyes works and evaluates as an indicator for your overall health.

For children, vision and eye health is a critical part in learning and development stage. Vision problem underline developmental delays or trouble in learning. If any of these factors like premature birth, personal or family history of eye disease, serious injury etc put your child at increase risk. Taking regular examination and proper screening are required for all infants and children under 5 years.

Like our body, our eye also gets weaken as we age. Eye disease mainly occurs in human at the age of 40. From the age of 40 to 65, eye examination is required for every two to four years. Presbyopia, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration are common age- related eye diseases that lead to vision loss and dependency.

In periodic eye exam doctors will not only evaluate nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, but also check for any diseases like Amblyopia- which occur when the eyes are misaligned, Strabismus- turned eyes defect, other diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other disease developing due to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A periodic comprehensive eye examination is one of the best ways to protect your vision because it can detect problems at their earliest stage. People who spend long hours in front of computer monitors, welders, those working on micrometers etc. required regular examination to determine the need for prescription spectacle lenses. The doctors will also provide suggestions and advice on the proper care and eyewear for certain task-specific jobs.

Here are some basic procedures of eye exam:

1. Medical history - At first the doctor or optometrist will assess your past and current medical history, and medical history within the family to determine your eye health condition

2. Visual Acuity Examination- As a base, optometrist examines the clearness of your vision by means of eye chart to determine the current visual sharpness.

3. Ocular Motility Examination- It is tested to determine how well your eyes and visual system function in terms of movement, reflexes and tracking

4. Detect Refraction error - As part of this step, a phoropter or similar device is used to determine rate of refractive error and determine the standards and measurements for eyeglasses if one is needed.

5. Biomicroscopy- A slit lamp is used to shine a high intensity light into the eye to facilitate an examination of the anterior segment of the human eye - including the conjunctiva, iris, natural crystalline lens and the cornea.

6. Ophthalmoscopy- It is a test that allows your optometrist to see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures (including the retina, optic disc, macula and fovea). This helps to detect symptoms of conditions such as retinal detachment or glaucoma.

Regardless of your age or physical health, annual eye exams are important for seeing more clear vision. In addition to routine check-up it is also important to self care your eyes by doing regular exercise, nutritious diet and following healthy lifestyle.

Angel Health Services has been providing excellent eye care services including eye exams, contact lenses, eyewear, eye treatments for patients in the St. George’s area.

Three Warning Signs of an Asthma Attack

Asthma is an affliction many people live with every day. In a few words we can describe it as the inability to breath due to the closing of the air passages into the lungs. If left untreated it can be fatal and even when treated an asthma attacked may be triggered by many different factors causing discomfort and difficulty breathing. One of the most important factors that trigger an asthma attack is air contamination, something we all have to live and deal with permanently. Here you will find three early warning signs that will indicate the outset of an asthma crisis so you can take medication before it becomes a problem with serious consequences.


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